I know not everyone loves to cook. I also know a lot of people find cooking to be stressful or time consuming. And I’m perfectly aware that there those in existence who are under the impression that restaurants were invented to feed us and they’re confused every time they walk into a residential kitchen. So I promise to keep things simple, relatively quick, and delicious (except for Lucy’s Tomato Sauce, that takes a little preparation, but it’s worth it).

show up dead front coverRecipes from Show Up Dead:

Chocolate Chip and Bailey’s Cookies







Recipes from Hitting the Sauce:

Hitting the Sauce front cover thumbnail

Linguine and Clam Sauce

Tomato Sauce






Recipes from Revenge Cafe:

revenge cafe front cover thumbnailStuffed Jalapenos

Lobster Stew






Miscellaneous Recipes:

Easiest and Best Baked Chicken Ever

Gluten-free, Atkins-friendly Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes (appetizer)

Heart-shaped Chicken Pot Pies

Potato Candy (St. Paddy’s day treat)




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