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Need a writer, editor, self-publishing assistance or publisher? I’m available.

Need a speaker for an event, one who can deliver an empowering message with a little humor? I’m available.

Writing services — putting words to your ideas and expressing your vision:

  • Ghost Writing
  • Content Marketing
  • Public Relations Brochures
  • Newsletters
  • One-time products (instruction manuals, training guides, flyers, etc.)

Editing services — ensuring your message is on point, cogent and stylistically consistent:

  • Content and development editing
  • Content audits
  • Consultation to improve current communications
  • Copy editing

Self-publishing Assistance — you want to publish your book your way but could use a little help with the logistics:

  • Format, customize, and enable your book for distribution (including obtaining separate ISBNs or AISNs) for all electronic reading devices and services currently in use.
  • Format, customize, and enable soft-cover distribution via CreateSpace store, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble on-line stores via POD.
  • Have your cover created for both soft-cover and all ebook formats.
  • Create your author profile on Amazon and Goodreads.
  • Set up your books so potential buyers can get a “look inside” preview on Amazon and Google.
  • Provide 12 months of being on-call via e-mail to answer your questions and make amendments/revisions to your texts as need arises.
  • Give you both a PDF and Word file of your book so you always have easy access to copy and paste sections to use for “teasers” in promotional materials, for public readings, etc.
  • This is a bullet I should put in bold because it separates me from most (if not all) the other self-publishing services currently available: I will “train” you on the distribution services so that you will always be able to order books when you need them for your personal use (speaking engagements or to give away as gifts) and not have to go through me or another source, which would add a surcharge fee.

Publisher — owner and president of Tasfil Publications, LLC. Check out our website at: http://tasfil.com/

Speaker — will custom-tailor a talk or sit on a panel discussing:

  • Empowerment — what it truly takes to be an empowered person
  • Combating negative self-talk
  • Keeping perspective in a world of drama addicts
  • What it means to be positive and maintain an optimistic outlook
  • Finding balance in an out-of-balance universe
  • Writing — fiction and non-fiction
  • Publishing — the various paths available for book publishing
  • And more!

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